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Brands  —  Billy Jealousy

Very refreshing scent

This a great product, the scent is light and gives me a relaxing feeling. I use it for work and keeps me chilled and confident throughout the day. This brand never disappoints, great job guys

Jonathan R.

Didn’t know what to expect but I like it

Can’t say I know what jasmine smells like, or musk for that matter. I was a bit worried it would be too flowery or ... musky (which I must admit I think I confuse with “musty”) but I liked the description so thought I’d give it a chance. I still don’t think i could pick a jasmine out of a garden based on the scent, or have a better idea of “musk” (though this isn’t at all “musty”) but I do enjoy this scent and think the description and name are appropriate. It is a charming, subtle aroma that is certainly work appropriate, and I feel a bit more dapper when I use it.

I find the Billy Jealousy beard balms best for styling and subtle scent that conditioning alone, which is probably why they have the Beard Control and Moisturizer in their line up. This is in contrast to some other brands’ balms. Once I realized this, and learned to use my thumbnail to scoop up about a dime-size amount of balm per application, I am very satisfied with the product.

Matteo T.

Love the products so far devil’s delight my favorite

Been Using devil to the light beard balm for a month and a half now love this product got the soap like it so far

Andrew B.

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