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Brands  —  Billy Jealousy

Bad Ass Product

This balm is great. It softens my beard really well and keep it hydrated pretty much the entire day. It has a good hold and the smell is awesome, kick ass product.

Jonathan R.

Mild citrusy scent and keeps things manageable

I use this mostly to help keep my beard manageable and I enjoy the subtle scent. I can’t say I can smell it after a couple hours but that may just be that my nose just gets used to it. My daughter can still smell it at the end of the day (she thinks it smells like candy). It’s citrusy, which I like, but I use it more on the weekends, not at work. I don’t think it is enough to condition a beard, not without using ALOT. I think it is best for “styling” an already conditioned beard. It is dense. The “thumbnail” trick in one of the videos on the website is how I’ve used it (scoop up some of it with the back of your thumbnail because not much will come up if you just rub your fingers on it). Once you have some on your fingers, it melts easily and applies smoothly. If you need some help styling your beard and like citrusy smells, this will work for you. I can imagine some might find it too sweet, and I don’t think it would work as a stand alone conditioner.

Matteo T.

Fresh scent! Great Texture!

Love this balm, it applies easily, smells great and makes my beard more manageable.

Dale J.


I’ve used the wax before so at this point I’m just trying out different ones and this one does no disappoint it is just as great as any of the other billy jealously products.

Ricardo B.

Not as crazy about the scent as I thought I would be. The Devil one is definitely the best scent.

J. Wilson

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